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Ecozyme 50 5L


A potent, fragranced all purpose liquid concentrate which effectively cleans any surface, biodegrades variou systems and removes odours.

Scale Gobbler 5L


Non-Toxic food grade formulations to effectively treat rust and limescale. Recommended for urinals, toilets, drains, stains, paving, grouting, kettles.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 5L


Powerful hand wash liquid which removes bacteria from the skin without drying out the skin.

Eco-Shine Spray Can 400g


Superior furniture polish lasting up to 4 weeks on furniture surfaces. Can be used on glass, wood, plastic, leather and melamine.

Cater Gobbler Deep Clean 5L


Incredibly powerful degreasing cleaning agent for effortlessly cleaning fats, oils and greases in kitchen, showers. HACCP compliant. 

Dishwash Liquid 5L


High perfermance enzymatic grease cutting dishwashing liquid with extra foaming action. Lemon fragrance.

Ecozyme Fab Soft 5L


Biodegradable and eco friendly liquid fabric softener and rinse aid.

Oxy-Clean 30g/Oxy-Wash 5kg


Oxy-Clean 30g: Eco friendly colour safe product for removing tough stains from clothing, mops and clothes. Brightening fabric and preserving fibres for a longer service life.

Oxy-Wash 5kg: Eco friendly, powerful laundry washing powder with a blend of biodegradable components. Including a stain remover.

Bin Liners


Frosted white plastic barrier bags.

P-Gobbler Urinal Domes


Super loaded extra large bio-block for eliminating urinal odourse. Pleasant fragrance that lasts fir +- 2000 flushes.

Spray Bottle 750ml


Empty 750ml spray bottle only

Spray Bottle Trigger Heads


Colour trigger head (red, blue or green) only * spray bottles to be bought as a set with trigger head.*

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