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- Generic Items & accessories -

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  • 25g Naked Round Soap

  • 25g Round Premium Milled White Flow Wrap Soap

  • 30g Rectangle Premium Milled Soap In Unprinted Frosted Flow Wrap

  • 25g Round Pleat Wrap Soap

BOXED accessories


White Printed Box

  • Generic Shower Cap 

  • Generic Vanity Kit 

  • Generic Sanitary Bag 

  • Generic Sewing Kit 

  • Generic Shoe Shine Pad 

  • Generic Dental Kit 

  • Generic Shave Kit 

FLOW wrapped accessories


White Printed Flow Wrap

  • Generic Shower Cap

  • Generic Sanitary Bag

  • Generic Vanity Kit

  • Generic Shoe Shine Pad

  • Generic Sewing Kit

CLEAR WRAPPED accessories


In Polybag

  • Dental Kit

  • Sewing Kit 
  • Shaving Kit

extra accessories


10ml Sachets

  • Shampoo & Wash

  • Body Lotion

Insect Repellents

  • Generic Insect Repellent in 35ml Tube

  • Insect Repellent 5L

Bath Crystals / Salts / Milk

  • GENERIC Neroli Coarse Bath Crystals 50g Sachet

  • Neroli Coarse Bath Salts 5kg

  • Lavender Bath Milk 5L

  • Fragranced Bath Crystals 5L

Room Fragrances - 100ml

  • African Tea Room Fragrance 100ml

  • Lavender & Amber Room Fragrance 100ml

  • Just So Mint Room Fragrance 100ml

Room Fragrance Bulk Liquids - 5L

  • Neroli Room Fragrance 5L

  • Cool Grey Mint Room Fragrance 5L

  • Lavender & Amber Room Fragrance 5L

  • African Tea Room Fragrance 5L


  • Loofah

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